On the fence about using a home watch service while you’re away or on an ongoing basis for your second home? It may be tempting to ask a friend or neighbor to check on your place periodically. But here’s a list of just some of the added value that an accredited, insured home watch service provides. Compare the cost versus benefit!

  • Providing regular inspections to meet homeowners insurance requirements or clauses and give clients peace of mind.
  • Delivering home management reports with GPS enabled software that logs visits
  • Acting on your behalf quickly and knowledgably, should an issue arise
  • Retrieving mail, managing landscaping, and removing flyers at your home which may deter intruders
  • Inspecting for leaks, insect infestations, mold, infestations and other potential issues to prevent or lessen damage
  • Answering alarm calls and working with local authorities
  • Providing the upkeep of air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Meeting and managing vendors or acting as liaison between you and your association, realtor, utility company, etc
  • Providing project management with handymen/women or contractors
  • Developing and implementing a storm plan
  • Providing additional custom services that are unique to your family or your home’s needs

Cost Versus Benefit

Whether your home is a single family or a condo, the benefits of home watch outweigh costs especially when a serious issue arises. Notice, we didn’t say IF a serious issue arises!

If you’re choosing to hire a professional, you should of course hold them to a higher standard than a neighbor or a friend. They should work with you focusing on your individual needs to design a customized checklist. Your home’s structure, surrounding grounds, and mechanics should be detailed on that list. In addition, a quality home watch company will have conducted background checks on the employees that enter your home. You should also expect that the company is insured properly. This means that any damage that may occur during a home visit can be covered.

It’s also important to understand why your home watch professional is uniquely qualified to manage your home. You can learn more about Properti Home Concierge qualifications here.

Expanding on Insurance

Depending on your insurance provider, you may have to purchase a policy with clauses requiring that you keep the house and grounds maintained, the utilities active and someone to inspect the property regularly. Insurance companies feel that a home left vacant for a certain period of time is a higher risk for break-ins and damage.  If you have to file a claim, the insurance company may request proof of home visits. That’s where a home watch professional with documented visits can save the day. Check to see if your insurance provider offers discounts for using a home watch professional.

So what insurance should you have for your second home? Read about two options below and check with your insurance carrier on the best fit for you.

Vacant Home Insurance

Vacation Home Insurance

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