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About Us

Located in southwest Michigan, Properti offers a combination of home watch and lifestyle concierge services for absent homeowners and clients with second homes.

What if you stayed a little longer and not because of a to-do list? What if the stress of home management was replaced with more meaningful time?


Why We Serve

Properti Home Concierge believes in being present for the most important moments in life. When we are focused on being present, we can experience life more fully and appreciate what matters most. 

We’re living in a demanding, fast-paced society that never turns off. Chances are that your second home or vacation property is your getaway; an opportunity to push pause.

But the reality of upkeep sets in sooner or later.

The overwhelming tasks can rob you of enjoying your home the way you intended. Properti provides tangible solutions. Sometimes, just the thought of those tasks steals your peace of mind as you try to concentrate on your already hectic schedule. That’s where Properti delivers intangible care to its clients.

Brianne Schmidke - Chief Experience Officer

I found my life’s passion for creating memorable experiences and being in service to others early in my career. But I didn’t know that was my passion. I just enjoyed what I was doing.

Some of the most exciting experiences I created were on kitchen sets for celebrity chefs and influencers at elite food and wine festivals throughout the country. Or planning corporate meetings and incentive trips with team building activities, excursions, and catering. I’ve had the privilege of opening a luxury hotel where we pioneered an entire floor that catered to women and welcomed guests by rooftop helipad.

While these experiences helped build relationships, sell products or create culture, they weren’t as important as being present for life’s important moments.  I found that keeping up with the demands of my career and still being there for the important moments in my own life was becoming difficult…and then we purchased a second home.

Properti Home Concierge was born out of purpose. For those that share the desire to push pause and enjoy their second home the way they intended, we serve you.  


Uniquely Qualified

With a combination of custom home construction and hospitality experience, we have built relationships in southwest Michigan for over 20 years. The businesses and specialists we hire are chosen for their professionalism, service, and sense of detail.

Joshua Schmidke - Co-Owner, Properti Home Concierge Owner, Schmidke Construction

Co-owner, Properti Home Concierge | CEO, Schmidke Construction & Contracting

My passion is in the detail and quality that I came to appreciate while growing up on jobsites, securing my Journeyman license in pluming, and working alongside skilled carpenters and contractors. I established Schmidke Construction & Contracting in 2001 and since that time, building a lifestyle for clients has been an exciting and very personal experience for me.

The detail and quality that drives me forward aligns with SCC’s mission and now extends to enhancing the lifestyle of Properti’s clients.


What We Do

Properti’s clients have different reasons for owning a vacation home but they all share a desire to be present for the moments that are most important to them and a willingness to solve for the burden of upkeep, errands, and preparation. They are often business owners and leaders who value life’s experiences and have accepted that their time is finite.

Leave the coordination of service providers to us. We can oversee construction projects large and small and then commission a local artist to enhance your space. Need a tee time? Our pleasure. Cleaning? Check. Groceries stocked, home holiday ready? Check, check. Click here for home watch and lifestyle concierge services.

We provide full home management for areas in southwest Michigan. Properti Home Concierge currently serves Berrien County in southwest Michigan including but not limited to Coloma, Harbert, Union Pier, Sawyer, Bridgman, Berrien Springs, Forest Beach, New Buffalo, Grand Beach, Three Oaks, Lakeside, St Joseph, Watervliet, Benton Harbor, and Hagar Shores. If your home is located outside of our service area but you’d like Properti to enhance your lifestyle, let’s talk!


Who We Aren’t

Because we believe in being present for life’s most important moments, Properti’s services revolve around advanced planning, preventative action when possible, and careful anticipation of needs. That’s why we are not available for “on-call” type services. Services must be requested at least 48 hours in advance. If we lose sight of being present for our family, we are no longer in the right mindset to take care of our clients.

Properti is not a broker. Therefore, we do not manage rentals in the state of Michigan. However, while finding tenants and collecting long or short-term rental payments are not an offering, our concierge hours can be used for upkeep on homes that are rented. Need cleaning, preventative maintenance, or a gift package for an arrival? Contact us!