Lifestyle Concierge


Lifestyle Concierge

Properti Home Concierge clients are often responsible for their employees, their family, their primary residence and now their second home(s). When clients add Concierge Services to Home Watch visits, they get peace of mind, a trusted partner to manage details, and a high level of care.

Concierge services include but are not limited to the following categories:

Vendor Coordination | Seasonal Preparation | Ongoing Maintenance

Emergency Liaison Event Management | Personal Assistance

Concierge services are charged by the hour and we can meet your service needs in one of two ways.


Purchase 16 hours in advance to use over the course of 12 months.


Enjoy the highest levels of care, plus perks like priority scheduling, with 8 hours of services per month for 4 or more months.


Vendor Coordination

  • Coordinate services such as pool cleaning, HVAC repair, Internet or cable
  • Give vendors access to the home
  • Gather service provider options, obtain quotes, act as client liaison as needed
  • Oversee vendor services
  • Manage small projects
  • Coordinate or liaise interior design, remodel, new construction, real estate showings, home staging

Seasonal Preparation 

◦  Turn off/on water; set thermostat

◦  Close/open shades and drapes; install/remove storm windows

◦  Set water alarms, light timers, cameras or devices

◦  Secure doors and windows

◦  Unplug phantom power loads

◦  Store/set up: hammocks, patio furniture, flags, chair cushions, lawn decorations, garden hoses

◦  Cover/Uncover grill and disconnect/connect propane.

◦  Empty refrigerator and pantry, store, donate or arrange item return; unplug and prop open refrigerator door

◦  Clean ashes out of the fireplace, and close the chimney flue

◦  Strip the beds or leave fresh sheets on all the beds

◦  Hold/Start waste removal or other services 


Ongoing Maintenance

  • Clean prior to arrival or post departure
  • Proactively change smoke detector batteries
  • Schedule and oversee handyman repairs
  • Utility service calls and coordination
  • Pool/Spa skimming and water level check
  • Coordinate boat cleaning, gas
  • Collect or route mail
  • Water plants or garden
  • Handle auto maintenance, detailing, oil change, wash
  • Fireplace/firepit cleanup
  • Generator check

Emergency Liaison

◦ Arrange storm cleanup and power restoration

◦ Meet utility crews, insurance company, etc.

◦ Oversee tree removal 

◦ Represent homeowner in disaster relief efforts

◦ Report damage and oversee remediation



Event Management

  • Plan events or parties
  • Set arrival packages: romance, beach, local treats
  • Coordinate local group experiences: in-home chef, professional speakers, fishing charters, golf, personal wine tastings, art instruction, in-home massage



Personal Assistance 

◦ Drop off and pick up dry cleaning

◦ Meet vendors, service providers, or delivery

◦ Set towels and toiletries for guests

◦ Chill beverages

◦ Courier services

◦ Inflate or prepare water toys

◦ Gift shopping, wrapping

◦ Appointment setting

◦ Grocery shopping and stocking