Lifestyle Concierge


Lifestyle Concierge

Properti Home Concierge clients are often responsible for their employees, their family, their primary residence and now their second home(s).

Peace of mind comes from having a trusted partner to manage the details, but also a high level of care to help round out routine Home Watch visits.

Services include but are not limited to the following categories: 

Vendor Coordination | Seasonal Preparation | Ongoing Maintenance

Emergency Liaison Experience Management | Personal Assistance


Vendor Coordination

  • Coordinate services such as pool cleaning, HVAC repair, Internet or cable
  • Give vendors access to the home
  • Gather service provider options, obtain quotes, act as client liaison as needed
  • Oversee vendor services
  • Manage Projects
  • Coordinate or liaise interior design, remodel, new construction, real estate showings, home staging

Seasonal Preparation 

◦  Turn off/on water; set thermostat

◦  Close/open shades and drapes; install/remove storm windows

◦  Set water alarms, light timers, cameras or devices

◦  Secure doors and windows

◦  Unplug phantom power loads

◦  Store/set up: hammocks, patio furniture, flags, chair cushions, lawn decorations, garden hoses

◦  Cover/Uncover grill and disconnect/connect propane.

◦  Empty refrigerator and pantry, store, donate or arrange item return; unplug and prop open refrigerator door

◦  Clean ashes out of the fireplace, and close the chimney flue

◦  Strip the beds or leave fresh sheets on all the beds

◦  Hold/Start waste removal or other services 


Ongoing Maintenance

  • Clean prior to arrival or post departure
  • Proactively change smoke detector batteries
  • Schedule and oversee handyman repairs
  • Utility service calls and coordination
  • Pool/Spa skimming and water level check
  • Coordinate boat cleaning, gas
  • Collect or route mail
  • Water plants or garden
  • Handle auto maintenance, detailing, oil change, wash
  • Fireplace/firepit cleanup
  • Generator check

Emergency Liaison

◦ Arrange storm cleanup and power restoration

◦ Meet utility crews, insurance company, etc.

◦ Oversee tree removal 

◦ Represent homeowner in disaster relief efforts

◦ Report damage and oversee remediation



Experience Management

  • Plan events or parties
  • Set arrival packages: romance, beach, local treats
  • Coordinate local group experiences: in-home chef, professional speakers, fishing charters, golf, personal wine tastings, art instruction, in-home massage



Personal Assistance 

◦ Drop off and pick up dry cleaning

◦ Meet vendors, service providers, or delivery

◦ Set towels and toiletries for guests

◦ Chill beverages

◦ Courier services

◦ Inflate or prepare water toys

◦ Gift shopping, wrapping

◦ Appointment setting