Home Watch


Home Watch

Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. Routine visits to a property can help prevent costly repairs, deter break-ins, and minimize the risk of various damage to the home. Home watch closely resembles traditional property management but without marketing rentals or offering leasing services.

Properti Home Concierge works with homeowners to create a home visit checklist unique to their home and individual needs. Then, clients enjoy peace of mind while their online Properti dashboard provides regular reporting, two way communication, home photos, and a portal for any invoicing.   

Properti Home Concierge simplifies Home Watch services into three common categories.  These include preventative maintenance, ongoing maintenance, and seasonal preparation. Upkeep in these three areas is critical to protecting the value of the property and consistency of experience in your home.

That’s why Properti clients delegate these details and maximize their time.

See below for a list of common services requested or, for more information on home watch, visit our blog.  


Preventative Maintenance

Inspections could include checks for:

◦Sump pump operation

◦Clean storm drains

◦HVAC systems

◦Gutters clean

◦Electric fixtures including circuit breakers

◦Plumbing, including pipes, toilets, sinks

◦Confirm thermostats settings

◦Windows and doors closed, leak free

◦Confirm exterior condition

◦Insect or critter infestation

◦Security systems are functioning



 Ongoing Maintenance

◦ Storm damage assessment

◦ Security camera and smoke alarm check

◦ Collect mail

◦ Water plants or garden

◦ Auto maintenance

◦ Generator checks

Management of subcontractor services such as lawncare, snow removal, pool and spa, and handyman available through concierge program.


Seasonal Preparation

Turn off/on water heater or set to vacation mode

Set the thermostat for agreed upon temperatures

Close/open shades and drapes

Store/set up: hammocks, patio furniture, flags, chair cushions, lawn decorations, garden hoses

Cover/Uncover grill and disconnect/connect propane

Install/remove storm windows 

Empty refrigerator, donate or arrange item return, unplug and prop open door

Remove food from pantry or ensure proper storage containers

Clean ashes out of the fireplace, and close the chimney flue

Strip the beds, or leave fresh sheets on all the beds

Empty trash bins

◦ Set water alarms, light timers, cameras or devices